Two Interviews with Jacqueline Mougoué

Dr. Jacqueline Mougoué recently conducted two interviews, each highlighted below:

In the first, she discusses her experiences growing up as an African in the Metro Detroit area, the diversity of U.S. Black identities, and the desire for expanding the parameters of Black History Month to include the experiences and historical narratives of African-born immigrants like her.

Details: Gramling, Jonathan. “Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué: Expanding the Parameters of Black History Month.” Capital City Hues 16, no. 3 (February 8, 2021): 3, 6. The article is found here.

In the second, she highlights her work in Cameroon on gender, identity, and nationalism, which culminated in the publication of her book, Gender, Separatist Politics, and Embodied Nationalism in Cameroon.

Details: Ufahamu Africa with Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué. Interview by Kim Yi Dionne, February 13, 2021.