The Department of African Cultural Studies works to support all graduate students in good standing and making satisfactory progress toward their degree. The department makes every effort to distribute its resources as fairly as possible outside of guaranteed support offers. Thus, it is the department’s intention to give the maximum number of graduate students in the program an opportunity to hold TAships consistent with the department’s needs and criteria. Graduate students from other fields will be appointed to TAships only when students in ACS are not available, not making satisfactory progress, or are less qualified. It should be remembered that teaching funds are variable, depending on budget and class enrollments. All students are encouraged to pursue opportunities for support outside the department at all stages of their study.

Please note: all applicants who are offered admission to the African Cultural Studies graduate programs are automatically offered funding. There is no need to apply separately.

Continuing Graduate Students Seeking TA Positions

Applications for Teaching Assistant positions each academic year are due by 15 December the fall before (e.g. 2022-2023 applications will be due 15 Dec 2022).

The Department accepts applications from qualified graduate students for the following courses/roles:

– Beginning Arabic
– Intermediate Arabic
– Advanced Arabic
– Colloquial Arabic (specify which dialect(s) you could teach)
– Beginning Hausa
– Beginning Swahili
– Intermediate Swahili
– Advanced Swahili
– Beginning Wolof
– Intermediate Wolof
– Beginning Yoruba
– Intermediate Yoruba
– Advanced Yoruba
– Beginning Zulu
– African 100: Introduction to African Cultural Expression
– African 201: Introduction to African Literature
– African 210: The African Storyteller (online)
– Assistant to the Language Program Director and Associate Director

To Apply:

Send a cover letter and CV to William Bach:

Cover letters should include a ranked list of all TAships for which you would like to be considered and, as applicable, address how you meet the criteria and qualifications listed below.

General criteria in unranked order
Additional criteria for language TAships
Additional qualifications for assisting Language Program Director and Associate Director
Preferred qualifications for all TAs
General graduate assistantship policies and procedures
Workload and benefits