Career and Skill Development

What can you do with a major in African Cultural Studies?

ACS coursework builds the critical thinking and communication skills needed to succeed in many careers. Our students demonstrate a willingness to explore and expand their understanding of history, culture, and diverse perspectives.

Mustafa Mustafa giving a speech to a crowd at the French House

How do you explore your interest areas?

The UW–Madison campus has a wealth of resources designed to assist in your journey.

Students gather at the House Arrest 2 dance team booth at the Student Org Fair

What internship and job opportunities are there on campus?

Internships, student jobs, and volunteering provide great opportunities to build your experience.

A student tour guide talks to a group on Library Mall

How do you write a résumé and cover letter?

Developing résumés and cover letters may seem daunting, but campus provides a lot of support!

SuccessWorks logo hanging on a wall

How do you get involved on campus?

There are lots of student orgs - something for everyone!

Members of the UW African Student Association perform adance during the Multicultural Student Orientation and Reception