Introducing: Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar

The words "African Cultural Studies" on a red patterned background with numerous African flags in a ring around itThe Department of African Cultural Studies in partnership with the Wisconsin Intensive Summer Language Institutes (WISLI) is proud to announce a new FLAS-eligible online program, African 672: Intensive Summer Multilanguage Seminar.

Developed by Professor Katrina Daly Thompson and led by Dr. Adeola Agoke, this eight week (June 14-August 8), eight credit course allows students to engage in supported, self-directed language study. Students wishing to study languages from any world region are eligible to apply. The Summer Intensive Multilanguage Seminar will be offered as an online asynchronous course, so students can take part from anywhere.

Successful applicants fit one of two criteria:

  1. Students who have achieved such an advanced level of language proficiency that traditional programs no longer serve their learning needs, or
  2. Students who are studying rarely taught languages that are otherwise not offered in the classroom.

Applications are due April 1. Please find more information here.