Black Arts + Data Futures

The Black Arts + Data Futures workshop (UW-Madison) presents on campus for two days. 

• April 4 – 4pm – Ashley Baccus-Clark, Director of Research at Hyphen-Labs will give a public talk at the MSC Lounge in the Big Red Gym. Baccus-Clark will talk about her work as a scientist and creative working in STEM. 

• April 4 & 5 – 10-2pm: Baccus-Clark will exhibit the virtual reality experience ‘Neuro-Speculative Afro-Feminism’ at College Library. 

Brought to you by the BA+DF and the Borghesi-Mellon Interdisciplinary Humanities Workshop at the Center for Humanities. Open to the public.

The BA+DF workshop attempts to map the historic and future praxis of technological adaptation in the Black diaspora, including the spiritual, material and cultural tactics of resilience and self-determination informed by such modes as Afro-Futurism and Afro-Optimism. More at