18 Ius Soli

A film screening and conversation with Ghanaian-Italian filmmaker, producer and social activist, Fred Kudjo Kuwornu.

Italian law denies citizenship to young people born in Italy to immigrant parents. This documentary examines the injustice faced by 18 young men and women born in Italy to parents from Africa, Asia, and South America.  Learn more.

Fred Kudjo Kuwornu, born and raised in Italy, is an Italian-Ghanaian activist, producer, writer, and director based in Brooklyn, NY and Rome. In 2010, after working with the production crew of Spike Lee’s Miracle at St. Anna (2008), he produced and directed the award-winning documentary Inside Buffalo, followed in 2011 by 18 lus Soli. Kuwornu founded the non-profit organization Diversity Italia, promoting the importance of racial and ethnic diversity in Europe, using film and other arts as tools for building a more inclusive society. His current projects are Blaxploitalian about Blackness in Italian cinema, Afropeans about the Black diaspora in Europe, and 65 about the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Act