Nostalgia and Memory in Post-Colonial Africa

Join the African Cultural Studies Student Association as they host a day-long conference, Nostalgia and Memory in Post-Colonial Africa. The conference features keynote speaker Laura Murphy presenting, “The Silence Slavery Keeps: Remembering Transatlantic and Modern Slavery.”  Dr. Murphy is Associate Professor of English at Loyola University.

The Theme: Over the years since independence, African nations have made tremendous advancements in all social, economic, political and technological facets.  They have likewise waded through challenges including apartheid, dictatorships, terrorism, civil wars, genocide, innumerable corruption scandals, and other occurrences that have threatended the social fabric and put some states on the edge of collapse.  Both the positive and negative happenings in Africa form part of the continent’s history upon which its present is predicated.  But, are we what we imagined we would be in the 21st century?

This year’s graduate conference provides a platform for interrogating how the economic, political, and sociocultural futures of Africa are imagined and forged.  It also offers scholarly opportunity to investigate how nostalgia, memory and remembrance are constituted, re-created, and represented in African cultural productions including film, music, drama, visual art, rituals, memoirs, fiction, etc.

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