Teaching African Languages Roundtable

afrSwahili teaching assistants David Lukhachi, Pamela Kimario, and Serah Kivuti will share some key information they learned from attending the 2016 African Language Teaching Association (ALTA) conference. Please come, listen, and participate in the discussion! Feel free to bring your lunch.  

Integrating the Standards for Foreign Language Teaching in Lesson Planning – David Lukhachi

In this talk, Lukhachi will try to answer the question: How do we design a lesson plan that incorporates the 5 standards? He will also discuss the means of assessing the attainment of the 5 Cs in an L2 classroom.

Using Films in Teaching African Languages – Pamela Kimario

Kimario will talk about the importance of using films to teach African languages, the challenges that arise when doing so, and some solutions to those challenges. 

The Culture Acquisition Process for Second Language Learners – A Teacher’s Perspective – Serah Kivuti

Kivuti will present various stages second language learners go through as they negotiate new cultural experiences in a classroom setting, asking: how can we help learners during each of these stages?