Videos showcase our students’ work

At the 2015 Festival of African Langauges and Literatures, which took place on Friday 8 May 2015, we were treated to performancs of poetry, fashion, song, dance, and theater. Several classes made videos. Check them out!

  • Kazeem Sanuth, Assistant to our African Languages Coordinator, created a video to promote all our languages.
  • Beginning Arabic students Christa Berce and Andrea Quade, taught by Sami Lamine, made “Arabic for the Masses: A Social Experiment.”
  • Beginning Swahili students, taught by David Lukhachi, made a music video to accompany the song “Sura Yako” by Sauti Sol.
  • Beginning Swahili students, taught by Serah Kivuti, performed a skit about a Swahili wedding, “Harusi.”
  • Beginning and Intermediate Yoruba students, taught by Adeola Agoke and Yemi Ojisebutu, performed a skit called “Time Waits for No One,” written by Yemi Ojisebutu.

Check out other student work on our Portfolios page.