Ajara Jagne

Email: jagne2@wisc.edu

3rd floor, Bradley Memorial Building

Ajara Jagne is an African Studies Scholar, Researcher, Theater-maker, and Playwright whose works center around questions of language, identity, and gender. Her research focuses on how identity and gender are expressed in African stories. Regionally, her research focuses on the African experience and influences both continentally and globally. In regards to theater’s place in her research, she explores drama as both literature and performance focusing mainly on women writers aiming to expand the canon in terms of gender. In particular, she works towards the continuous understanding and expansion of understanding how Yoruba culture—drawing from the stories of Nigeria and the societies of West Africa—is expressed across the African continent as well as among the African diaspora in various distinct ways. Due to her upbringing, religious background, life experience, and extensive language knowledge, Ajara Jagne aims to provide intricate insights into how particular aspects of humanity manifest from an Africa-centered point of view. Her practice operates at the intersections of African languages, gender, and theater.