Artificial Intelligence in African Language Instruction ⎻ Featuring Adeola Agoke

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@ 5:00 pm
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  • Using ChatGPT to Design Lessons and Tasks
  • Free Al Tools Empower You and Enhance Your Teaching
  • Strategic Vision for Harnessing Al for Pedagogical Policies and African Languages Curriculum


  • Adeola Agoke ⎻ University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Filipo Lubua ⎻ University of Pittsburgh
  • Nandipa Sipengant ⎻ Yale University


Host: National African Language Resource Center

  • American Association of Teachers of Yoruba (AATY)
  • Chama cha Ukuzaji wa Kiswahili Duniani (CHAUKIDI
  • Southern African Languages Group (SALG)
  • Wolof Languge Teachers Association (WOLTA)
  • African Language Teachers Association (ALTA)