Virtual Lecture and Q&A ⎻ Professor Saheed Aderinto

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374 Van Hise Hall
@ 1:20 pm - 2:10 pm
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Department of African Cultural Studies hosts a brief virtual lecture and Q&A section with the winner of the Dan David Prize, the world’s largest history prize, and producer and director of The Fuji Documentary, Professor Saheed Aderinto of Florida International University in  African 100: Introduction to African Cultural Expression. Through the generosity of Professor Aderinto, students and the ACS community have the privilege of viewing the documentary before it is publicly available to scholars and students or shown at iRepresent International Documentary Film Festival, March 21-24.

To provide a brief context for the lecture and documentary, Afrobeat/Afrobeats is one of the most studied West African cultural expressive genres. Yet, many genres exist that still need to receive adequate attention. Fuji is one of them. It is played across Africa, in some parts of Brazil and the Caribbean, yet under research. This preview and access are part of the department’s effort to make subjugated genres and knowledge that are part of the continent’s diversity but have yet to circulate in knowledge production available to our students.

To preview the documentary before the brief lecture and Q and A, contact instructor Rosemary Popoola at For a password three days before.

See the link for more about the project and what African and African Diaspora study professors have said about the documentary.