Spring 2017

Africa is at the center of the coursework in the department, in regards to epistemology, foundational texts, and student research, with considerable room for diasporic texts, theory, and research projects to be included in our canon.

For undergraduates:
African 201: Introduction to African Literature (Samuel England)
African 210: The African Storyteller (online course; Matthew Brown)
African 277: Introduction to Africa (Jo Ellen Fair)
African 300: Contemporary Arabic Literature and Cinema (Nevine El Nossery)

For undergraduates and graduate students:
African 405: Nollywood (Matthew Brown)
African 605: Cultural Geographies of Africa and the Middle East (Samuel England)
African 609: Global Black Music Circuits (Ronald Radano)
African 671: Multilanguage Seminar (Katrina Daly Thompson)
Note: requires African 670 as a prerequisite

For graduate students:
African 901: Intellectual History of Cultural Studies (Ronald Radano)
Note: graduate seminar
African 901:Enchanting Modern: African Literature, African States (Teju Olaniyan)
Note: graduate seminar; meets with English 813

Arabic courses:
African 322: Second Semester Arabic
African 324: Fourth Semester Arabic
African 496: Sixth Semester Arabic
African 446: Readings in Advanced Arabic Texts

Swahili courses:
African 332: Second Semester Swahili
African 334: Fourth Semester Swahili
African 436: Sixth Semester Swahili

Yoruba courses:
African 372: Second Semester Yoruba
African 374: Fourth Semester Yoruba
African 476: Sixth Semester Yoruba

Other languages:
African 336: Second Semester Zulu
African 362: Second Semester Hausa
African 392: Second Semester Wolof
African 671: Multilanguage Seminar (Katrina Daly Thompson)