African 705: Teaching Portfolio

Dr. Katrina Daly Thompson

2 credits

This course will develop graduate students’ metacognitive skills and critical thinking about teaching as a scholarly activity, through the creation of a teaching portfolio that documents the ideas and objectives that have informed their teaching to date and potential future teaching. Designed for students who teach foreign languages but open to graduate students in other humanities disciplines.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course you will:

  • understand and be able to explain what a teaching portfolio is
  • develop a teaching philosophy and be able to explain it to others both in writing and orally
  • document your past teaching experience
  • reflect on, both in writing and orally, your past teaching experience and its relationship to your teaching philosophy
  • identify areas in which you can improve your teaching and document concrete steps toward doing so
  • create a syllabus for a course you hope to teach in the future