African 700: Reading and Writing African Cultural Studies

Instructor: Dr. Jo Ellen Fair
Meeting Time: Mondays, 2:00-4:00 PM
3 credits

This class is a seminar but with a practical edge. We’ll discuss readings, and you’ll have lots of writing exercises to work on and revise. The course is designed to give you toward a fuller understanding of the craft of marshalling evidence to support an argument in the humanities, particularly African cultural studies. It covers the norms and expectations that inhere in academic writing as well as the mechanics of producing original scholarship in a distinctive, accessible voice while adhering to these norms and expectations. We will use—new, used, in electronic form, or rent—these books:

  • Belcher, Wendy (2009). Writing Your Journal Article. First edition, Sage. (Can be rented online from Amazon)
  • Bullock, Richard et al. (2014). The Little Seagull Handbook With Exercises. Second edition, WW Norton.
  • Other journal articles and chapters will be provided.