Katrina Daly Thompson featured in new podcast – “Speak of the Popobawa” with Tracing Owls


Katrina Daly Thompson was recently featured on a podcast by Tracing Owls on Spotify. The podcast discusses Thompson’s last book, Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings. Read the episode description below:

Dr. Thompson, Professor of African Cultural Studies at UW-Madison, joins to discuss Popobawa discourse. Yes, today we will be talking about talking about monsters! Dr. Thompson’s book “Popobawa: Tanzanian Talk, Global Misreadings” explores the use of a supernatural entity as a linguistic tool which allows individuals of different backgrounds to indirectly convey political issues, convey their personal authority, or even safely discuss sexual identity in an oppressive landscape. We also touch upon the role of international media in spreading and reshaping local folklore, the intricacies of Swahili language and culture, and the Popobawa as a trickster archetype.

Huge THANK YOU!!! to Dr. Katrina Daly Thompson for agreeing to guest on the show, allowing the Popobawa to once more re-emerge in their life. Visit Dr. Thompson’s website at katrinadalythompson.com Follow them on Twitter @putawaytheglobe Contact them via e-mail katrina.daly.thompson@wisc.edu.

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