Reginold Royston publishes “Soulcraft  – Theorizing Black Techne in African and American Viral Dance”

Reginold Royston’s latest publication, “Soulcraft  – Theorizing Black Techne in African and American Viral Dance,” is now available to read on SAGE Journals.

An alternate version of the article will also appear in the museum book series DNA from the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Germany, titled “From Coltan to the Cloud.”

The abstract for the publication is below:

“This article proposes the notion of soulcraft as an alternative framing for the work that Africans and African diasporans imbue upon material culture and social projects. Through ethnographic encounters with the practitioners of Chicago Footwork and Afrobeats dance music, the author theorizes a Black vernacular approach to the concept of techne. This essay contributes to discourse in the philosophy of technology to document spirituality in viral dance practices and forms of digital embodiment, linking them to metaphysical understandings of ‘soul’ in African and African American philosophical thought. Interviews and critical analysis of digital media help the author illustrate the ways that these African and diasporic media innovators elide the dualistic distinctions between material tech-making and spiritual strivings, in service of an emancipatory ethos for technology.”

Read the rest here.