What have ACS students been up to this summer?


Rachel Maina

Classical Humanities and Art History

This past summer, I went back home to Kenya. I had not been home for two and a half years. I blame Covid-19 for that, keeping me away from my homeland. I enjoyed being with family and friends. The hallmark of my visit was meeting my grandson. He was born when I was joining UW-Madison for my graduate studies. I spent every minute that I could bonding with him.

Before I left for Kenya, I had gone to the university bookstore to return an item. I decided to go to the tots’ section to see if there was anything I could buy for my grandchild. I found this “future alumni” outfit. My grandbaby is a future alumnus of UW-Madison. It was not easy to take the picture; he is an active boy. And the clothes were too big. But that means he will wear them long enough to understand what “future alumni” means – walking the path that his grandmother walked.