Mwita Muniko and Ayodeji Wakil Adegbite Earn Ebrahim Hussein Fellowships

The Department of African Cultural Studies has announced the winners of the Ebrahim Hussein fellowship.

Mwita Muniko is a PhD student in ACS and Ayodeji Wakil Adegbite is a PhD student in the History of Science program.

Muniko’s project is called “From ‘Boys’ to ‘Men’: An Auto-ethnography of Masculinities in a Kenyan Family”

Description: Muniko’s auto-ethnographic dissertation project centers on the discourse of male puberty initiations to examine the construction and performance of masculinities across time and space. Using personal narratives of members of one large Kenyan family, Muniko will investigate the relationships between language, gender identity, and performance by focusing on the role of discourse in the construction of, and resistance to hegemonic or normative forms of masculinity in an African context.

Adegbite’s project is called “Decolonizing Global Health: African Public Health Experts and the Politics and Science of Disease Control”

Description: This project examines the contributions of African public health experts to knowledge production and disease control. Adegbite will explore the professional trajectory of these African public health experts to reveal their contributions to global health.