Student Hourly Needed to Assist Dr. Jacqueline Mougoue

Dr. Mougoué is seeking a long-term research assistant who can complete two key tasks. The first task is to help compile an annotated bibliography of primary sources from historical archives. The materials include photos of letters, memos, and postcards. All the sources are photographed and are in English. Tasks will include carefully reading/examining each material and typing a sentence or two summarizing its content. Additional information about the images from online archives may sometimes need to be incorporated into the summary also. Finally, each image will need to be renamed to quickly be able to identify its content. The second task is to transcribe documentaries, meaning “that the video file and its oral content are converted into a text document.” Knowledge of Microsoft Word and cloud storage (e.g., dropbox, UW Madison Box) is needed. The workload is 5-8 hours per week. Compensation is $12/hour. Please send an email of interest and a brief academic resume to Dr. Mougoué (