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Major in African Languages and Literature

The Department of African Cultural Studies offers an undergraduate major in African Languages and Literature, a combination of language and culture courses.  Please note: the name of the major will switch to African Cultural Studies beginning in Fall of 2018.

Principal African languages taught by the Department are Arabic, Swahili, Wolof, Yoruba, and Zulu. However, the program supports the study of various other African languages through courses and/or individualized study.  Visit our Department overview to learn more and review our requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.  

To assist with the cost of your education, there are a number of scholarships available to those studying less commonly taught languages.  

Interested in study abroad?  Visit our Majors Advising Page to learn more about how study abroad can fit into your academic plans.


What are students who studied African langages doing now?

ARABIC         SWAHILI       WOLOF           YORUBA           ZULU   

Kate T.            Carly B.            Lily                Kevin B.          Alexandra

Matthew G.      Tosha                                   Sarah S.      

Samty X.         Lowell B.

Daniel W.


Questions? Ready to declare?

Undergraduates with questions about our major, honors, or study abroad, and those who are ready to declare the major, should contact our Undergraduate Advisor, Toni Landis. Send an email to or use Scheduling Assistant