Undergraduate Major Program of Study

The undergraduate major in African Languages and Literature consists of three years of African language study combined with courses in the areas of African literature and oral traditions, African linguistics, and African studies.

Degree Requirements

  1. Three years study of African languages, completing either:
    • Sixth semester study of one language, OR
    • Fourth semester study of one language AND Second semester study of another language
  2. One of the following introductory courses:
    • African 201: Introduction to African Languages and Literature, OR
    • African 210: The African Storyteller, OR
    • African 211: The African Autobiography
  3. African 402: Theory of African Literature
  4. African 501: Structure and Analysis of African Languages
  5. One African Studies course outside the department (see below)
  6. Two elective courses chosen in consultation with the Undergraduate Advisor

The introductory and African Studies courses develop breadth of knowledge in accordance with our department’s mission. Eligible courses are included in the African Studies Program’s list of “core course” offerings. Elective courses require prior approval of the Undergraduate Advisor; these are intended to provide breadth in the areas of African literature, oral traditions, or linguistics.

Study Abroad

Majors are encouraged to study abroad in Africa during their undergraduate career. Study abroad programs sponsored by the UW-Madison include semesters or full years in Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, and other African nations. Other programs are available through different institutions. See http://www.studyabroad.wisc.edu/.

Requirements for Honors in the Major

In addition to the major degree requirements, undergraduates may graduate with honors in the major by completing the following:

  1. Two 400- or 500-level courses to be chosen in consultation with the Honors Advisor
  2. Two 900-level seminars
  3. Senior Honors Thesis
  4. Study Abroad

Undergraduate with questions about our major, honors, or study abroad should contact our Undergraduate Advisor.