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Teaching Assistantships


The Department invites applications from qualified graduate students for TAships in the following courses/roles:

  • Beginning Arabic
  • Intermediate Arabic
  • Colloquial Arabic (specify which dialect(s) you could teach)
  • Beginning Hausa
  • Beginning Swahili
  • Intermediate Swahili
  • Advanced Swahili
  • Beginning Wolof
  • Intermediate Wolof
  • Beginning Yoruba
  • Intermediate Yoruba
  • Advanced Yoruba
  • Beginning Zulu
  • African 100: Introduction to African Cultural Expression
  • African 201: Introduction to African Literature
  • African 210: The African Storyteller
  • African 233: Global HipHop and Social Justice
  • assistant to the language program director

Applications for 2018-19 TAships were due by 15 November 2017; applications for 2019-20 will be due by 15 November 2018. New applicants to our graduate programs do not need to apply but will be considered automatically during the admissions process.

To apply, send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Katrina Daly Thompson at

Cover letters should include a ranked list of all TAships for which you would like to be considered; and, as applicable, address how you meet the criteria and qualifications listed below.

General criteria in unranked order:

  • Priority is given to our own graduate students over those in other departments
  • Priority is given to students with fewer than 10 semesters of teaching experience in the department
  • Because of the department’s obligation to offer certain languages at certain levels, language TAships will be staffed before literature/cultural studies TAships.
  • Reappointment is contingent on supervisor feedback, teaching observations, and student evaluations. TAs may not be reappointed if their feedback and reviews do not meet department standards (e.g. fulfilling all responsibilities listed on the signed workload; strong organizational skills; good communication with supervisor, students, and fellow TAs; strong writing and/or language skills; in language courses, willingness and ability to use communicative methodologies)
  • Satisfactory and timely progress toward degree
  • English proficiency: 26/30 or higher on the speaking section of the iBt TOEFL test, or 7.0 or higher in the speaking section of IELTS; or 45 or higher on the campus SPEAK test.

Additional qualifications for language TAships:

  • Superior proficiency in the target language
  • Prior or concurrent enrollment in African 703: Topics in Teaching African Languages (1 credit)

Additional qualifications for assisting the language program director:

  • Substantial foreign language teaching experience using a communicative approach
  • Coursework in language pedagogy and/or language program direction
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English
  • Experience working in culturally and linguistically diverse settings
  • Comfort with using and/or learning various technologies (e.g. Desire2Learn, LessonShare, Google Forms, digitizing media)
  • Experience and comfort with observing instructors and giving constructive feedback

Preferred qualifications for all TAs:

  • Evidence of engagement in professional development activities on campus
  • Evidence of use of new and interesting pedagogies during previous TA appointments