Ph.D. in African Cultural Studies

The Ph.D. program involves at least one year advanced study of an African language, study of at least one additional language related to intended research, required coursework, a preliminary exam prior to achieving Dissertator status, and a doctorate-level dissertation. Students who are pursuing a Ph.D. in other departments may obtain a minor in African Cultural Studies.

Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress

All Ph.D. students must meet the Graduate School Minimum Degree Requirements and Satisfactory Progress and the African Cultural Studies requirments published in the Graduate School Guide at the time of matriculation.

Degree Requirements


Please note this additional requirement:

Coursework statement: Doctoral students must submit a short statement (2-3 pages) at the end of their third semester, discussing how the courses that they have taken so far, as well as those that they plan to take in the future semester(s), relate to their area of focus and inform their dissertation research and their envisioned career path. The statement should be approved by the advisor, then submitted by the advisor at a faculty meeting for feedback.



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