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Get to Know Us Better

Doctoral student Kathryn Mara has been conducting interviews with our faculty and staff to get to know them better, and to let our prospective students know us better, too.

Interviews (more coming soon!)

About the interviewer

Kathryn MaraKathryn Mara is a first-year PhD student in the Department of African Cultural Studies. She received her M.A. in African American and African Studies at Michigan State University and her B.A in English from Northern Michigan University. Her research examines the manner in which an “official narrative” is crafted, and how certain memories, stories, and traumas are assigned more value than others, a process she calls the commodification of trauma. Thus far, she has conducted an analysis of Rwandan Genocide literature, but she is interested in expanding her research’s scope as she proceeds to her dissertation.
Given her former institutions, it should come as no surprise that she is proud to be from Michigan. However, she is delighted to be given the opportunity to explore Madison, and these interviews with faculty and teaching assistants give her plenty of inspiration to try new and suggested restaurants and activities.