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It's official! As of 1 July 2016, we will be the Department of African Cultural Studies.

Congrats to graduate students and Arabic teaching assistants Bilal Humeidan, Said Hannouchi, and Sami Lamine! All three of them were selected as Honored Instructors by University Housing residents for Fall 2015.

Marci Kunene, wife of Professor Emeritus Daniel Kunene, wrote to the department to share news of their recent travels.  She says, "My husband, at age 92, continues to amaze me. After several years of not being able to travel, Daniel and I were finally able to travel again, this time to Novato, just north of San Francisco - and had unbelievable fun with his children, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren for ten days - truly a love fest!"

"Swahili inspired me to study abroad in Kenya for five months which continues to be one of the most amazing and influential experiences I've had to date. Not only was living in Kenya life-changing, but understanding Swahili and having the ability to speak it with community members was so fun and rewarding.

Ruth Ibbi and Oladipo Olagbenro of Nigeria and Ayoti Simms of Kenya have been awarded Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program grants to serve as teaching assistants in Hausa, Yoruba, and Swahili (respectively) and take courses at University of Wisconsin-Madison for academic year 2015-16. While in the United States, Ibbi, Olagbenro, and Simms will share their languages and cultures with U.S. communities to inspire Americans to travel and study overseas, and make U.S. citizens better prepared to engage with businesses, governments, and organizations abroad.

Alumna Meg Skinner talks with Professor Dustin Cowell at the 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend
Image caption: Alumna Meg Skinner talks with Professor Dustin Cowell at the 50th Anniversary Alumni Weekend

Alumna Meg Skinner invites you to join her and family for a Memorial Service/Celebration of life for the late A. Neil Skinner, her husband and long-retired professor of African Languages and Literature.

Drama! Culture! HipHop! Politics! Language! Diaspora!

Learn more about our offerings here.

Find out more about what our faculty and graduate students have been working on this year.

At the 2015 Festival of African Langauges and Literatures, which took place on Friday 8 May 2015, we were treated to performancs of poetry, fashion, song, dance, and theater. Several classes made videos. Check them out!


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