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This year’s theme, Shifting Epistemologies: Movements, Institutions and Ideas in Africa, invites participants to reflect on election, migration, resistance and innovation trends that have taken shape on the continent and in the African diaspora. Abstracts due 12 Feb. In recent years, the continent and world at large has experienced a wave of migration and African local and national boarders shoulder the responsibility of accepting most of those who flee their homes and communities.

Third-year PhD student Kathryn Mara has been elected as a Great Lakes regional delegate in the Modern Language Association. During her tenure (2018-2021), she will be expected to represent the professional interests and concerns of her colleagues, and participate in meetings of the Delegate Assembly at the annual conventions of January 2019 (Chicago), January 2020 (Seattle), and January 2021 (Toronto). Congratulations, Kathryn!

Katrina Daly Thompson and Névine El Nossery have been selected as Honored Instructors for Fall 2017. 

Thompson regularly teaches courses that focus on African language use and pedagogy. She is the Director of the Program in African Languages as well as Director of Gradute Studies. 

On November 18, Oluwayinka Arawomo, Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) for the Department of African Cultural Studies, hosted a table at the International Festival organized by University Apartments in honor of International Education Week. Yinka displayed traditional Yoruba items such as horsetail, 'sekere' - a gourd decorated with a net of beads, and traditional attire. Members of the community were delighted to wear the attire, and kids had fun playing with the horsetail and 'sekere'. 

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The Royal Air Maroc-African Studies Association Student Travel Award aims to facilitate and increase the movement of students and the exchange of ideas, between students of African Studies in Africa and the United States. The overarching aim of the award is to acknowledge outstanding scholarship by future African Studies scholars.

Gordon Dining and Event Center, Concerto Room

Meet alum Kate Thornborough who graduated in 2013 with majors in African Languages & Literature and French.

She will be participating in International Education Week's Alumni Career Mentoring event on Thursday, Nov. 16 beginning at 6pm.

Join our Global Badgers as they share their keys to success!

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Read all about our Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant, Ryma Azzouz.

Learn about her passion for teaching and cultural exchange!

Our Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTAs) continue to be active in the community, sharing their languages and cultures with Wisconsin. The PEOPLE (Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence) event, which took place on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at the Monona Terrace, featured a presentation by Nigerian FLTA  Oluwayinka Arawomo ("Yinka") on the "Yoruba People: What our Traditional Wears 'Trads' Say about Us". The high school students learned about the Yoruba traditional attires and some wore them as 'Yoruba Models'.

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Assistant Professor Reginold Royston discusses his academic interests and his journey to UW-Madison.

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