African Cultural Studies

College of Letters & Science


The mission of the Department of African Cultural Studies is to provide research and teaching in the languages and expressive cultures of Africa and Africans around the world. This includes work on both graduate and undergraduate levels, and emphasizes the development and application of analytical, linguistic, and methodological tools that will enable students to work effectively and imaginatively across regions, languages, cultural forms, methodologies, and disciplines.

Upcoming Events

  • Wed, 08/30/2017 - 11:00am
    Union South
    The Graduate School invites all newly admitted graduate students to attend the Fall New Graduate Student Welcome event.


  • Congratulations to one of our most recent graduates, Pamela Kimario, who earned her MA with pedagogy focus in May. Pamela will begin teaching Swahili at the University of Georgia in Fall 2017.
  • Learn more about Alibaba, and why you should study Hausa with us next year.
  • The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Anthropology has awarded graduate student Kevin Wamalwa the Arvin B. Weinstein Prize in Anthropology in recognition of his academic achievements.
  • The Department of African Cultural Studies is proud to recognize the first class of graduate students that has successfully completed the Master of Arts with a focus in pedagogy.
  • Tarek Ziadna has won an African Studies Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Award to support collection of data for his dissertation, "French Loanwords in Algerian Arabic." Congratulations, Tarek!