African 405: African Soccer

Michael Schatzberg

3 credits

Course Requirements:Course Description:
This course is designed to get students to think about African soccer as less as sport and more as cultural and political practice. In other words, we shall focus on both the cultural and political phenomena associated with soccer in Africa. What is the role of fans and spectators? How does soccer tap into both national and Pan-African sentiment? How did the sport become such an integral part of life and leisure in African societies? Where do politics and soccer intersect in African states? How does soccer link Africa to the global order and the international system?

Students will read about various aspects of soccer in Africa each week. Although a lecture course, there will be frequent class discussions of both lectures and the various readings. For undergraduates there will be a mid-term, final exam, and a 10-page term paper. Graduate students will be asked to write a lengthier term paper. 2010 World Cup Logo (FIFA) South African Fans (Washington Post)