2014-15 Research Reports from Faculty and Graduate Students

Faculty and graduate students gathered in September 2014 at Dr. Aliko Songolo’s home. Photo by Olusegun Soetan.

Faculty Research

Matthew H. Brown: Genre in Nollywood
Dustin Cowell: Classical Arabic texts, Mauritanian oral poetry, and Arabic pedagogy
Samuel England: Literary competition in the Middle Ages
John Nimis: Popular music of the Congo
Tejumola Olaniyan: Political cartooning in Africa
Katrina Daly Thompson: Popobawa as text: Taboo and transgression on the Swahili Coast
Anne Waliaula: Secondary school pedagogy on controversial issues in Kenya and the United States; Epistemologies of Black women in transnational spaces

Graduate Student Research

Adeola Agoke: Codeswitching in a Nigerian Pentecostalist church
Said Hannouchi: Perceptions of Arab culture among first semester students and Moroccan native speakers of Arabic
Emma Hornsby: New short fiction from Nairobi
Bongani Mbatha: Troubled masculinities in contemporary kwaito music
Olusegun Soetan: Canonizing trash: A study of four Nollywood directors
Tarek Ziadna: French loanwords in Algerian Arabic